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Personal Trainer with Client

Are you fed up of being overweight or out of shape? Perhaps you exercise but don't seem to get any results?


Take a step in the right direction - Call us now and book a Free Consultation and Personal Training Session.

Push Ups

Get a taste of what Personal Training is about with our Introduction to Personal Training package.

This package consists of a Consultation/Taster Session and 3 further Personal Training Sessions.

Alternatively you can opt to do Pay as You go Personal Training sessions or you can Buy 10 sessions and get one free!

Why choose Evolution Health & Fitness?

Personal Training is 'Personal', so its vitally important that you get the right trainer. But this can be difficult. The fitness industry is saturated with personal trainers and trying to sort the good from the bad is a time consuming and almost impossible task.

One of the hardest parts of being the Head Trainers at Evolution is finding the best Personal Trainers to match our ethos and world-class standards. Thats why we spend a considerable amount of time finding the 'right' trainers that not only have the correct piece of paper but more importantly, ones that can connect with clients and those that already have a proven track record in achieving fantastic results. 


We have built our reputation on results, so if you are serious about achieving your health & fitness goals, get in touch and we can organise for one of our team to come and see you for a chat.

David & Briony

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